Hi, my name is Dylan Edwards
I'm a Software Engineer and Web Developer.

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Hi, My name is Dylan Edwards, and I am currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Occidental College. My passion is using Computer Science and Software Engineering to solve complex business problems!

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Twitter sentiment analysis

Twitter sentiment analysis is a web application developed using React, Express, Node, the Twitter API, and the Google NLP API. The premise behind it is to allow users to enter in tweet Urls and return information on the sentiment (the positive/negative emotions of the tweet langauge) and on the magnitude (the strength of the sentiment).

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SQL Interactive

SQL Interactive is a web app designed to help software engineers starting out to understand the basics of relational databases and SQL. It also allows them to get practice with SQL with a live SQL playground and 9 challenges.

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3Dvation is a fully featured social network application including user authentication, post sharing, and file downloading for use by 3d printing enthusiasts. Built with Node, React, Express, and MySQL

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Economist Metaresearcher

An application to automate the process of searching for and collecting historical articles. Utilizes: Python, Pandas, Selenium, and Scrapy. Reduced the time intensive process of research by 2+ weeks. Increased research efficiency by eliminating the need for a large team of Research Assistants

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Vindici Co Website

Vindici.co is the official home page of the creative design agency vindici. This website was built with HTML, Javascript, and SASS

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A video Game written in GMS Language that serves as a warning against the negative effects of climate change.

(MAC users: to play game change system preferences to allow apps from anywhere or game will be unable to run)


A Better ATM

ATM built in C, uses a Caesar Cipher for password encryption, and stores accounts on a linked list.

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